Reclaim History

Sum­mer schools on Indige­nous female gov­er­nance in Que­bec for Indige­nous women leaders 


The Women’s Indigenous Governance summer school is the result of a partnership between Quebec Native Women, UQAM’s Community Service and the Faculty of Political Science and Law.

Since 2017, it has brought together Indigenous women leaders from different Nations of Quebec who, through the sharing of experiences and the transfer of knowledge, are equipped together to strengthen their action and their place in the governance of their community.

The film gives the floor to Diasy Bellefleur, participant of the 2017 edition of the FAQ-UQAM Summer School.


Thematics : , Feminism, First nations


Director | , Steve Patry
Year | , 2022
Country | , Québec
Length | 4 minutes
V.O. | , French