This is not a game


Funambules Médias takes up a major challenge by signing the awareness campaign "C'est pas un jeu". Launched on the National Day for the Fight against the Sexual Exploitation of Minors by seven Centers for Aid and Sexual Assault (CALACS), the campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues around sexual exploitation and is aimed at young women aged 14 to 25. It is deployed on the microsite and the Instagram account @cestpasunjeu. The campaign took place during the month of March 2022 and the microsite will be active for a period of five years.

It's not a game, it's the story of Kamila, Jessica, Kishi, and many other girls. Stories inspired by the experiences of girls and young women from all over Quebec who have used the services of Centers for help and the fight against sexual assault (CALACS) in their region.

Thematics : , Education, Feminism, Social mouvements


Director | , Lisa Sfriso
Year | , 2022
Country | , Québec
Length | 8 minutes