Homeless survival trajectories in Laval

Peo­ple expe­ri­enc­ing home­less­ness in Laval share touch­ing sto­ries of their lives. 


Under the watchful eye of Julie Langlois's camera, people living on the streets of Laval give moving accounts of their lives. This engaging work closely follows these Laval citizens in their daily lives, intimately revealing their desires, trials and struggles.

With the generous contribution of Stéphanie, Nicolas and Mario.

Produced by Funambules Médias for the Réseau des organismes et intervenants en itinérance de Laval (ROIIL).

Thematics : , Homeless, Social reintegration


Director | , Julie Langlois
Year | , 2023
Country | , Québec
Length | 12 minutes
V.O. | , French
1 | Gabriel Campeau
2 | Julie Langlois