From prison to prison


Every month in Quebec, hundreds of prisoners are released after serving their sentences. What happens to them once they're released? And what kind of freedom do they find on the other side of the bars?

From prison to prison documents the journey of three ex-prisoners as they attempt to reintegrate into society. The film gives the various offenders the opportunity to talk about their precarious daily lives, uncertain futures and troubled pasts. Unvarnished and unabashed, without complacency or voyeurism, the film bears witness to that fragile moment when the hope of a new beginning can be toppled for better or worse.

Thematics : , Social reintegration, Social rights


Director | , Steve Patry
Year | , 2014
Country | , Québec
Length | 86 minutes
V.O. | , French
1 | Steve Patry
1 | Diego Briceño
1 | Serge Boivin
1 | Serge Nakauchi Pelletier
2 | Santiago Bertolino
1 | Steve Patry
1 | Nicolas Goyette
1 | René Portillo